Easily Record Expenses with MoneyLover Assistant

Have you ever felt frustrated having to open a mobile app and input expenses, which often involves numerous time-consuming steps? Worry no more! With MoneyLover Assistant, help is right at your fingertips through your browser extension.

Convenient and direct on your browser: With MoneyLover Assistant, you can record expenses directly within your web browser. This means you no longer need to switch to your mobile device to log your daily expenses, making it all quick and easy.


Intelligent ability to understand your language: Instead of inputting every detail into the mobile app, you simply describe the transaction, and MoneyLover Assistant will automatically understand and create the corresponding transaction. For example, you can input "Spent 10 bucks on breakfast in cash," and MoneyLover Assistant will automatically create a "Food" category transaction with a value of $10 in the "Cash" wallet within the MoneyLover app.


No need to fret over entering expenses with multiple steps. Just make a quick note with the browser extension, and all the information will automatically be recorded and synchronized with the Money Lover app on your phone.

Experience this convenient feature now by installing MoneyLover Assistant and see the difference in managing your expenses. Easily record expenses, save time, and organize your finances efficiently!

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